10 Best Airports for a Long Layover

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Many people’s least favorite part of traveling is the airport experience. This experience seems doubly worse when a long layover is added to the equation. Hours of loud people, uncomfortable chairs, and sketchy Wi-Fi is far from ideal. However, the travel industry is picking up on this, and as a result, there are airports around the world that are attempting to make long layovers less of a drag. From ice-skating rinks and pools to movie theaters and spas, these airports are providing services that will make that layover go by quickly and painlessly. Here are 10 of the best airports to be in for a long layover

Changi International Airport in Singapore.

This airport has been called the best in the world. Not only does it provide amenities such as showers, napping rooms, and free Wi-Fi, it also offers a wide spectrum of entertainment including a butterfly garden, swimming pools, a free movie theater, and a free city tour.

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online class

San Francisco International Airport.

With a museum, aquarium, and yoga room, you can easily fill up your time in this airport. In addition, it offers enough quality food and drink to satisfy your appetite until you reach your destination.

Dubai International Airport.

This airport will give you a taste of the extravagance Dubai is known for with its gardens, spa, and shopping options. You will have plenty of opportunities to be refreshed, as it offers a pool and Jacuzzi, sleep pods, and free showers.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

You can get a taste of culture in the airport’s free museum, which features Dutch art, or in the airport library, which is filled with both print and e-book options in several different languages. Or you can spend your layover quietly relaxing in a spa or in the Silence Centre.

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Munich International Airport.

Entertainment is offered in every season at this airport with surfing in the summer months, ice-skating in the winter, and mini-golfing all year long. Make sure to take advantage of the delicious German beer while you’re there also.

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online class

Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

If you get tired of the ice rink, museum, or movie theater and want to experience some Korean culture, head to the airport’s cultural center, which offers short plays and other activities. With free Wi-Fi and free showers, you can save your airport spending for its more exciting amenities.

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

This airport succeeds in creativity, as if offers different themes and activities at almost every gate. With its services, the airport staff strives to make your layover efficient and convenient.

Helsinki Airport in Finland.

Known for its friendly service and navigable terminals, this airport will make your layover a pleasant experience. With free Wi-Fi and free sleep pods, you can use your time here to catch up on work or sleep.

Vancouver International Airport in Canada.

This airport is also known for its friendly and helpful customer service that help make your layover stress-free. With an aquarium, TV lounges, and free Wi-Fi, you won’t be left looking for entertainment.

Zurich Kloten International Airport in Switzerland.

Finding the right terminal and gate won’t be a problem in this airport with its organized layout and clear signage. Additionally, if you have enough time on your hands and energy to burn, you can rent bicycles, inline skates, and Nordic walking poles for some outdoor recreation.

If your next flight includes a layover in one of these airports, you can rest easy knowing that your airport experience will not only be tolerable, but maybe even enjoyable. ~ Kalina

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women online class

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