10 Must Haves to Survive a Long Flight

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We all dream about our adventure, what we are going to do and see and taste.  If only we didn’t have to spend an entire day getting there. Until teleportation is an option, here our my 10 Must Haves to survive a long flight.

italy travlel planning consultant guided tours women

Protein Rich Snack

It’s tempting to grab junk food at the airport, but sticking to protein rich snacks like nuts or power bars will keep your energy level (and your mood) steady, leaving you in a better place when your feet hit the ground.

Cozy Socks

These are always at the top of my list. I detest wearing my shoes for the entire flight but the thought of my feet on the ground, no thanks. I pack a pair of thick comfy socks that I can slip on, keeping my warm and protected.

italy travel planning consultant guided tours women


Planes have a tendency to go from hot to cold and back again. I like having my scarf handy to wrap under my shoulders when I get chilly. Bonus: more stylish than the in-flight blankets.

Eye drops

Whether you wear contacts or not, your eyes are going to feel gritty and tired after a long haul. Drops also help me wake up a bit too.

Disposable Toothbrush

I used my Wisp toothbrush from Colgate on my last big trip and I loved it. The best part about these, you don’t have to get up to go use the bathroom.


I know this one might seem obvious, but I had to include it in the list. Mainly because one time I FORGOT it and I was a miserable pouting mess. I actually prefer to use Acquaphor. They have travel sizes and the ointment is also great for irritated skin.

Fancy Hand Lotion

No matter how hard you try, flying is dehydrating. I travel with a little bottle of Aveda Hand Relief in my carry on and I use it continuously. This stuff is amazing. Plus, it smells great too.

Oil Free Face Wipes

Let’s face it, the bathrooms are tiny and the lines are long.  I use face wipes to freshen up before landing, and they feel almost as good as the real thing. My new obsession is with Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit wipes. There is just enough zing to help me through the final push.

italy travel consultant planning guided tours women

Ear Plugs or Sound Canceling Earphones

I am a light sleeper but I also have sensitive ears, so finding ear plugs that work but don’t make me ache is challenging. My last trip I tried out Mack’s Pillow Soft Silcone Ear Plugs and I am now a believer. No more squishy orange and pink foam for this lady.

Change of Clothes

Last but not least, the most important thing to have with you on your long flight. Extra clothes can come in handy in a variety of ways. In case you are wondering, these scenarios are all from personal experience. You can fly stress free knowing that if your luggage is delayed you still have clean clothes for tomorrow. Or if your child pukes on themselves and then throws their little body on you, you don’t have to worry. Just in case that well meaning passenger that is trying to hand over your drink but misses your tray table and instead hits your lap, sister you are covered.

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