20 Helpful Travel Apps

In this technologically advanced time we live in, many aspects of life have become easier and more efficient. Travel is one aspect that has benefited from technology. Today, hundreds of apps can be downloaded on smartphones to make travel a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. Here are 20 helpful travel apps that you should look into before going on your next adventure.

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Flight Apps for Travel

Flights are a large part of planning a trip, and there are several apps out there to help you find the best option and save some money in the process. Kayak and Skyscanner are two apps that help you look for the most affordable flights and will notify you of price changes or special deals. They also help you find the best options for hotels and rental cars. Hopper is an app that will alert you of the best times to buy plane tickets through push notifications, ensuring that you will not miss out on the deal you’re looking for.

Travel Accommodation Apps

Finding a place to stay is another important aspect of your trip. If you’re looking for something cheap and easy, the Hostelworld app offers a wide variety of choices. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience with a little taste of the local culture, the Airbnb app will help you find a locally owned house or apartment to stay in that meets your price range. If you find yourself in a jam with nowhere to stay for the night, Hotel Tonight will help you quickly book a room last minute with their 24/7-customer service.

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women

Apps for Travel Planning

Traveling requires a lot of planning, and thankfully many apps exist to help you with the process. Packpoint is an app that will help ensure that you are properly prepared for the weather and activities of your trip. Google Trips and TripIt are two apps that allow you to create an organized itinerary of your trip, consolidating all travel details into one place. As you’re planning the trip activities and looking for unique and authentic experiences, the Airbnb and Cool Cousin apps will provide you with a wide variety of local places and experiences to enrich your visit. If you are traveling alone, Solo Traveller is an app that will help you get connected with other travelers.

Apps to Help You be Prepared

Being prepared is a crucial aspect of any travel experience, and there are many apps out there to help you. Google Maps is an app that will help you route out where you want to go with step-by-step directions for a variety of transportation options. The best part is if you start your journey within a Wi-Fi zone, it will continue to follow your journey even after you lose Internet connection. Even better, you can download enormous areas that you can use offline and data free. This is my go to app whenever I travel. Citymapper is a helpful resource for using public transportation. Geosure will help you determine the health and safety conditions of your destination. A good app for communicating with friends and family back home or other travelers within the limits of Wi-Fi is WhatsApp.

italy travel planning planner consultant guided tours women

Helpful Travel Resource Apps

During your travel experience, make sure to take advantage of the helpful resources apps can offer. Google Translate is a basic tool to help you communicate and understand the local language. XE Currency is beneficial when money conversion is a part of your trip. If you want to be prepared for the weather, Accuweather is a useful app to have. And if you are traveling between different time zones, Circa World Time will easily keep track of the time differences for you.

Utilizing these useful apps will help you reduce the chance of mishap by allowing you to be prepared and enjoy your experience to the fullest. ~ Kalina Davis.

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