Staying connected in Italy | Mifi, SIM cards, and cell phones

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once in a lifetime travelI always encourage my travelers to unplug as much as possible when traveling, but I understand everyone has a level of connection they need to maintain on the road.  I will try to demystify communication issues with the help and expertise from my favorite company Cellular Abroad.

First things first.  Decide what your needs are.  Do you have family back home you need to keep in touch with, are you traveling on business and need a high level of access, or do you just want be able to make quick calls within Italy.  Once your needs have been established, simply match up the product and presto!  You are all set.


My new favorite accessory.  I personally need access to the internet while traveling as I am also working.  This option gives me unlimited data at 4G LTE speed on my phone, ipad and PC anywhere in Italy (and Europe).  I can also share this hot spot with up to four friends and I don’t have to feel chained to my hotels sometimes spotty and not always secure network.  This also means I can throw my DumDum…oh I mean TomTom…out the window and use my phone to navigate.

SIM cards for rental or purchase

When your needs are focused on calling and some data use, SIMS cards give you a much cheaper rate than international rates quoted by major carriers.  Whether you need to rent or buy will depend on your phone.

Cell Phone Rental

If you phone won’t work in Italy or it will just be too expensive you can simply rent a cell phone.  Your rental phone will have an Italian number and you can add a US number or keep your own.  Many people DON’T want to travel with their home numbers so having an ambiguous one can help those travelers preserve every moment of their sacred vacation.  This is a great option when having a phone for quick dinner reservations and local calls are important or you are on a budget and just need a phone for emergencies.

I highly recommend contacting Cellular Abroad (1-800-287-5072) with any specific questions.  Not only are they brilliant but they are incredibly professional and efficient.  There are many companies out there that offer the above products but none that have the passion to deliver like these guys.   Believe me, I’ve tried a few and I’m relieved to have finally found The One.


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