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Rome is a busy place, especially as a traveler trying to see it all.  While I always make time to linger over my evening meals, I look forward to my favorite little fried morsel on the go.

You won’t have to look hard for this street food in Rome, as suppli can be found in many of the pizzerias and delis.  You will want to make sure it is served to you piping hot.  My heart belongs to I Suppli where I was first introduced to the fried rice balls on an Eating Italy Food Tour in Trastevere. Suppli is an Italianization of the French word for surprise and that surprise is usually found in the form of a stringy chunk of melted mozzarella surrounded by a ball of rice and ragu sauce.


Remember this completely Roman specialty, memorize the name.  You will thank me as you devour this time and time again.

once in a lifetime travel planner tours

once in a lifetime travel planner tours


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