5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in 2017

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We are addicted to travel and passionate about giving our clients authentic and mind blowing experiences that they will treasure forever. If you are dreaming of a once in a lifetime experience but don’t know where to start we can help. Learn more HERE. Enjoy our 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in 2017.


Like many of you, I was happy to say good-bye to last year. 2016 felt like giant learning experience and many have been left with worries and anxiety about the unknown. When anxiety takes a front seat in our lives we begin withdraw into what is comfortable and familiar. I have decided to consciously commit to fighting this in all aspects of my life. I want to challenge others to do the same. Travel is one avenue that can be taken to boldly make a stand. I have come up with 5 reasons why you should travel in 2017 to inspire you to have more control over your attitude in this new year.

Travel cultivates understanding and combats fear

We have been bombarded by fear ruthlessly recently. Our political climate was a roller coaster for everyone, regardless of who you voted for or not. The elections were a thunderous clash that left some elated and others shell shocked. Terrorism continues to evolve in its method of delivery bringing fear and distrust to a forfront. The refugee situation has only escalated. And what is happening with Brexit? Climate change. Russia. Syria. ISIS. Black lives matter. Affordable healthcare. LGBT rights. Dakota access pipeline. Immigration.

Just writing this makes me feel like a drink.

Fear is based in the unknown and the uncertain. Fear seduces a person into believing that pulling inward and putting up walls is the only safe solution. Fear breeds more fear.

Travel is the remedy. Travel teaches us that many of our issues are not people issues but issues of our governments. Once we discover that we are more alike than we are different, we can go back home and be the voice of understanding. Understanding tears down those walls, inspires us to demand better, and makes us a tangible positive resource for those around us.


Time is precious

There is never a perfect time to travel (much like having a baby) but it is always a good time to travel.  Putting value and importance on your financial and work situation is important and not to be carelessly ignored. Don’t fall into the trap that you have an abundance of time, that you will do all the things you dream of later. Life is beautiful because it is unknown but it can also be very painful. Cherish the time you have now and make a commitment to find balance between your responsibilities and your dreams.

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Strengthen yourself

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone, makes you face each challenge and doesn’t give you anywhere to hide. When you are stripped down to the core like that, you learn a lot about yourself. You also find out how incredibly strong you really are.  Travel cleans house of all the inner voices that whisper your faults and flaws. Travel reminds you that you are brave and kind and that you have incredible worth.

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Gives you perspective

Nothing exposes your narrow mindedness and your ugly blind spots like travel. Seeing the world expands your vision and removes the blinders you didn’t realize you even had on.  Travel is critical to centering your understanding of the world around you and giving you the perspective needed to be a better human.

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Travel makes you happy

It is ok to want happiness. We should be happy and travel is a great way to make that happen. The beauty of the world shines through the landscapes we walk through, the art and architecture we marvel at, the new and different foods we eat, and the people that we bond with through travel. We are challenged daily when we travel, our minds and bodies move in a new way. We are left with memories, stories, feelings and impressions that will last a lifetime and can never be taken from us. There is no price tag for this kind of happy.

travel planning consultant guided tours women

Need more reasons to travel?

How about the fact that the euro is better than it’s ever been for American travelers? Or that resources like AirBnb can make traveling for those on the tightest of budgets possible? Sites like Skyscanner work hard to give the best prices for flights?

Still feel like travel is impossible this year?

Who says you need to have a passport to reap the benefits of travel listed above. Explore right where you are. Take advantage of long weekends. Go camping, take a hike. Try something new. Travel isn’t about the miles you go, travel is about the mind-set and the attitude you take.

Let’s make 2017 one to remember.


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