6 Responses to “6 Reasons Travel Makes You Happy

  • You had me chuckling…and identifying with “Happiness might not be immediate, especially if you are still wearing the same underwear as the day you arrive”.

    As an introvert I find many of these points difficult aspects of travel…but it still draws me. We do it slow, long term so the kids and I can get a little settled feeling and get into a new routine, knowing our surroundings better and feeling more grounded. But then we’re off again….because travel makes us happy.

  • The underwear thing had me laughing too! I loved all your points, and #6 resonated for me, but in terms of perspective in general. It wasn’t until our family spent a year slow-traveling that we realized how much we actually wanted a home base. We still travel a month at a time here and there, but now we have a home to come back to that is all ours. We wouldn’t have known that about our preferences if we hadn’t taken the leap, sold everything we owned and tried something new!

  • Kelly Pulse
    5 years ago

    It is absolutely true that you remember experiences over possessions. Some of my fondest memories are those of traveling with my loved ones…and also traveling alone. Sometimes you need to regroup and recharge. It’s also very accurate to say that it helps you to appreciate the life you are living and your family. Well said.

  • All of these things are so true! I was shown how travel can make such a difference in your life and bring you out of your shell by Andi and Once in a Lifetime Travel. I have enjoyed learning new things, meeting amazing people and having wonderful adventures. I experienced getting out of my comfort zone and exploring on my own which I never would have done without Andi’s encouragement. I am already saving for my next trip whenever I can make it happen! My children have watched me travel and now have the “travel bug” which makes me excited for them. I am still smiling from my trip last year with all the great memories, pictures and new people that I met. These things are so much better for my mind and my heath to recharge!

  • Patti Piper
    5 years ago

    All points are integral to my love of travel. Point #6 happens over and over in freshness and gratitude for all that my life is about. We are all unique beings on this planet Earth; travel both emphasizes our differences and the fact that each of us has more common ground with others than can be imagined.
    Great, great article!

  • Argh these things are all so true and it makes me crave being on the road again soooo badly! I really need to pay attention to them and figure out how to implement them in my day to day life until I can get there so that being stationary doesn’t have to feel like standing still.

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