8 Most Haunted Places in Italy

Halloween is here and how better we to celebrate than exploring the 8 most haunted places in Italy. Enjoy, if you dare.

1. Poveglia Island – Venice

As if hosting 160,000 plague victims wasn’t enough, this island was also home to an asylum for the mentally ill ran by a doctor with a penchant for torture and lobotomies.

poveglia island venice most haunted places in italy

2. Casa Delle Anime – Voltri

Legend tells of a family with mental disorders that ran this house as an inn. The unsuspecting travelers were killed by smashing their heads in with large objects, thrown into a mass grave and their money stolen. Where is Trip Advisor when you need them?

 most haunted places in italy

Photo Credit: Genova Today

3. Castello di Montebello

The castle is haunted by the ghost of a murdered little girl. Guendalina was born an albino and her father kept her protected in the castle by two guards. She was called Azzurrina, or little blue one because of her blue hair and eyes. Legend tells of her chasing her ball downstairs where she was lost in the dungeon and never seen again.

poveglia island venice most haunted places in italy

Photo Credit Rimini Rivieria

4. Ca’Dario – Venice

Back to Venice for another scare. This haunted palace is cursed and everyone that has every owned the home has been killed. Locally it is called the house of no return and has claimed the lives of 13 successive owners, all under mysterious or violent circumstances.

ca'dario venice most haunted places in italy

5. Villa Magnoni – Cona

This mysterious house had been abandoned and partially boarded up for years when a group of four friends decided to explore the property in the 1980s. During their visit they reportedly heard children singing in the garden and a woman yelling at them from a window, threatening dire consequences for trespassing. The upper window from which the lady appeared at was in a room of the home with no floor. The friends drove away in fear, only to have three of the four die in a terrible car accident.

Villa Magnoni Most haunted places in Italy

6. Villa de Vecchi, Lake Como

This castle was built with all the trimmings but even fancy heated pipes and dumbwaiters couldn’t prevent the terrible events that led to its abandonment and haunting. The Count came home to find his wife murdered, her face completely disfigured and daughter missing.  After weeks of searching for her without a trace and overwhelmed with grief, he committed suicide.

villa de vecchi most haunted places in Italy

Photo Credit: Urban Ghost Media

7. Palazzo Malvasia, Trebbo di Reno

In the early 1900s, a young girl was said to have been walled by alive by her father who was terrified by her clairvoyance. Legend reports her ghost is still trapped in the house, crying and asking for help.

most haunted places in Italy

Photo Credit: Paranormal Zone

8. Casa del Violino – Scogna Sottana

Legend tells of a young violinist who used to live in this tiny house years ago, until his mysterious disappearance. His empty violin case was left behind. The house is abandoned as all that have ever spent the night here have heard screams and the sound of a violin coming from the walls.

La Casa del Violino most haunted places in Italy

Photo credit: Dark & Gothic Lolita





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