A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi

December 2011

A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi.

Marlena de BlasiThe first book of several chronicling the author’s adventures in Italy after falling madly in love with the ‘stranger’ in Venice.  She writes about the joys and frustrations of living in Italy (and with an Italian).  Marlena is also a cook, and her descriptions of the market and meals makes this book exceptional.  She has included some mouth-watering recipes and also her favorite things to do in Venice, priceless advice I have used in my travels there.

I was lucky enough to have met Marlena twice while visiting Orvieto.  Once as I past her in a narrow alley leading to the city’s center and again as I darted back and forth in front of the cafe where she was enjoying a coffee after furtively stalking her.  Alright, so I might not have held an actual conversation with her.  She had a commanding presence, dressed to the nines in black and in full make up.  In a rare moment of intimidation I was unable to speak to her.   But in my defense, Marlena is an extremely private person.  She is rumored to give two cooking lessons a year but the information is by word of mouth only.

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  • Veronica Viggiano
    10 years ago

    All Marlena’s books are very interesting but my favorite is “A Thousand Days in Venice”. My sister in law and I have read all her books and found her address in Orvieto although we weren’t lucky enough to see her!! Also ate in the restaurant she wrote about in Florence and had an excellent meal. Then went to the hotel where she stayed in Florence—a lovely place. So we are Marlena junkies too!!! Marlena once lived in the New York State town where my sister in law lives.

  • We too had the chance to meet Marlena in Orvieto, we had seen the preparations for a wedding near the Duomo and watch as a bride came out into the square, Marlena was all dressed up and standing close by so we assumed that she was a guest. It wasn’t until midday when we sat next to a couple of Brazilian ladies outside a bar that we actually found out who Marlena was, they were huge fans and soon Marlena and a couple of friends were sitting at the table next to them so they got autographs and we all had the chance to say hello.

    I enjoyed reading about your encounter with Marlena and all of the other posts on your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.

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