Best 12 Local Foods to Try in Rome

You’ve heard it before. One of the best parts of visiting Italy is the food. And this claim is one that I fully support. When I studied abroad in Rome, my dietary horizons were expanded, as a good chunk of my time was spent exploring the seemingly limitless dishes, deserts, and appetizers that the culture has to offer. And as I traveled around Italy outside of Rome, I realized that the different regions had different specialties to offer, expanding my taste in cuisine and my waistline even more. When visiting, there are so many foods to try that it may seem overwhelming to choose, but here are the best 12 local foods to try in Rome.

local roman dishes  italy travel planning consultant

1 Suppli.

This fried ball of rice filled with ragù and mozzarella became one of my favorite snacks, and it goes especially well before a meal of pizza.

ocal roman dishes suppli italy travel planning consultant

2 Fiori di zucca.

Another great appetizer is fiori di zucca, a dish consisting of fried zucchini flowers filled with anchovies and mozzarella.

ocal roman dishes fried zucchini flowers italy travel planning consultant

3 Carciofi alla giudia.

These Jewish artichokes will melt in your mouth and can be best enjoyed in the Jewish Quarter of Rome.

ocal roman dishes carciofi alla giudia italy travel planning consultant

4 Baccalà.

Another Roman Jewish specialty is this savory appetizer of fried cod.

ocal roman dishes baccala italy travel planning consultant

5 Saltimbocca.

This flavorful dish, translates to “jumps in mouth,” and consists of juicy pieces of meat, prosciutto crudo, and sage and is marinated in white wine.

ocal roman dishes saltimbocca alla romana italy travel planning consultant

6 Quinto Quarto.

This general category of cuisine refers to the fifth quarter or the off-cuts and interiors of meat. Some dishes to try that are made with these meat parts include tripa alla Romana, tripe mixed in tomato sauce and pecorino cheese, and coda all vaccinara, a tomato-based stew with oxtail.

ocal roman dishes quinto quarto tripa alla romana italy travel planning consultant

7 Pizza Bianca.

This “white pizza” makes a delicious snack and consists of a light, crispy, and chewy pizza bread topped with salt and sometimes other herbs.

ocal roman dishes pizza bianca italy travel planning consultant

8 Porchetta.

Savory pork roast filled with herbs is the secret to this dish, and it will have your taste buds bursting with flavor.

ocal roman dishes porchetta italy travel planning consultant

9 Cacio e Pepe.

Simple, yet delicious, this dish is made of noodles stirred with pecorino cheese, pepper, and a touch of pasta water to produce a creamy texture.

ocal roman dishes pasta cacio e pepe italy travel planning consultant

10 Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

This is another simple pasta dish consisting of eggs, pecorino cheese, and guanciale (smoked pork jowl) and topped with some pepper for even more flavor.

local roman dishes pasta carbonara italy travel planning consultant

11. Bucatini all’Amatriciana.

Made with a rich tomato sauce and guanciale, this pasta dish is one for the recipe book.

ocal roman dishes pasta carbonara italy travel planning consultant

12. Crostata di Ricotta.

For something sweet, try this tart filled with ricotta and subtle flavors of citrus and Marsala wine.

ocal roman dishes crostata di ricotta italy travel planning consultant


Use this list of local Roman foods to make the most of your time in this timeless city. Buon Appetito ~ Kalina Davis

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