Cinque Terre Flood: Vernazza Relief Video


I put this video on youtube to try and spread the word and inspire people to help with the immediate relief efforts and restoration.

Disaster Relief

Italian Red Cross For those wanting to donate to the entire area involved.

Save Vernazza  An amazing site dedicated to restoring Vernazza, created by several ex-pats who call this village home and care for it passionately.  100{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} of the funds will go towards the town and its people.  These are people I know personally as well.  This is where I will be donating.

Per Vernazza Fortuna  Another site created by the people of Vernazza for Vernazza.  This site is in Italian but easy to navigate.

Contact me with any questions

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