Cinque Terre: Vernazza Flood Update

I have had a chance to make more contact with people from Vernazza, what did we do before the internet!  Unfortunately the news has not been good.

New video footage of the disaster in Vernazza.  It was really hard to see for me as I have so many memories of time spent there.

For more information on the Disaster Relief Effort see my latest Blog entry.

The people are resilient and I hope that they will receive the financial backing from both the government and outside sources that they will need.  Below is a post from someone who spent six years in Vernazza.  If you want to follow the conversation on TripAdvisor, here is a link.

The situation in Vernazza is bleak. Because it is such an isolated village the news is slow in coming. Floods have devastated the town, mud and debris arrive to at least the second floor of all buildings. Three people from Vernazza are still unaccounted for. There is no fresh water, half the town is without electricity and many are being evacuated. The talk amongst town is that it will take years to recover from the devastation. Some speculate that it might never recover and will be abandoned completely.

I put this video on youtube to try and spread the word and inspire people to help with the immediate relief efforts and restoration.

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6 Responses to “Cinque Terre: Vernazza Flood Update

  • The video and pictures are heartbreaking for such a beautiful town. I have fond memories of being there with you! I look forward to returning and seeing the beautiful town again as we know the Italians are very resilient!

  • So sorry to see such devastation. We were only there last month. Your people are so welcoming and we ejoyed our stay so much. Good luck to you all and God bless

  • Devastating news, such a beautiful place,visited few times as sister lives there for the past 9 years,
    Just can’t believe the devastation , all family and friends send the village our love and hope everyone is safe,Hope they get the help that is needed, to restore this wonderful place back on its feet. Resilient people!!.. god bless you all …

    10 years ago

    I was just there this past July and spent a week in Vernazza. That is a long enough time to get to know many of the amazing people in that community. My heart breaks every time I see a new picture or video of the damage. We rented an apartment from Christian with Marina Rooms. ALso loved Marco and the gracious people at the Blue Marlin. Are there any more updates or links to find out how to help financially and or physically?

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