Daily Italian Doses | Popular Baby Names

Since all the talk lately is about the famous and their infamous choices in names, I thought I would list Italy’s current top names.

Girls:  Sofia, Giulia, Martina, Giorgia, Sara, Emma, Aurora, Chiara, Alice and Alessia.

Boys:  Francesco, Alessandro, Andrea, Lorenzo, Matteo, Gabriele, Mattia, Leonardo, Davide and Riccardo.

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  • I think Alessia is perfect for a girl, and for my boy maybe Andrea will be a good one.

  • Well, this covers the names of all of our young cousins: Giorgia, Allesandro, Mattia, Sara, and Matteo. The others I remember are Ilaria, Massimo, Maximilliano, and Nicolo. There are many others, but this is the youngest crop…all in the Luzzi family, but none named Luzzi! Not one! The male Luzzis moved here and there are only 4 cousins with that last name. We went “old school” with Giovanni and Guiseppe, aka John and Joe. Thanks Andi! I love to see these trends!

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