Day 11 of My Favorite Italian Websites | ANSA

Welcome to Day 11 of my 30 days of Italian websites that will draw you in and keep you dreaming.

Alright.  So this one isn’t flashy and it probably won’t make you want to quit your job to go renovate a dilapidated old farmhouse.  ANSA is a fantastic source of the latest news coming out of Italy and has an English page to make things even easier for us.

Feel like you belong on my list or have a favorite link to share? Let me know!!

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  • Thank you for this site Andi! As you say, it may not be the flashiest but its wonderful for those of us who can’t get much past “Ciao” and “Buongiorno” 🙂 I have tried to read Italian news sites before but they don’t translate well, sometimes leaving me no more enlightened than I was when reading it in Italian! I will be bookmarking ANSA for sure.

    Again, I am enjoying the 30 days of sites! Thanks for doing this!

  • What fun this is! I’ve recently found your site and am having a blast here. A few of the websites you’ve listed are also my favorites, but I’ve discovered new gems as well. I so look forward to seeing the rest of your picks.

    MIght you consider my website? Though I do post on various experiences in Italy, my site’s main focus is Rome. She has captured my heart and refuses to let it go. My site’s address is: Thank you so much for introducing me to so many new sites.

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