Day 16 of My Favorite Italian Websites | Sapori e saperi

Welcome to Day 16 of my 30 days of Italian websites that will draw you in and keep you dreaming.

I obviously have Italian cuisine on the brain, but you will find this is much more than a foodie site.  I love this blog and its thoughtful posts that go beyond food and into the relationships that are built.  This site to me completely embodies the importance food has in the Italian culture.  Flavors and Knowledge.  Very well said.  There is a great post about three generations learning the art of ricotta.  Click here.

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  • I had the pleasure of meeting Heather while in Lucca in May. Very fun time over dinner and wine and interesting conversation. Really like to read her blog info.

  • This was an especially nice site. I enjoyed their description of the village dinner party: “It was well organised, but not slick or staged. It was genuine.” I think that summed up much of the italian feel. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love the website…/
    Heather’s adventures are indeed wonderful….
    I include them in my tours of Lucca along many other wonderful things 🙂
    I would LOVE to be on your website, please check out my blog and website.

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