Day 2 of My Favorite Italian Websites | Renovating Italy

Welcome to day 2 of my 30 days of Italian websites that will draw you in and keep you dreaming.

I was intrigued by a photo I stumbled upon on Facebook from a site called Renovating Italy.  I immediately friended them and now I get to dreamily stare a pictures posted throughout the day.  But it doesn’t stop there.  They also have a blog that is beautifully written.  I invite you to look around and give your support to this writer!

Blog Link and Facebook Link

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  • Hi Andi,
    I enjoy your blog very much! I’ve always been a bit obsessed with Italy and having been there only once, am dying to return..hopefully within the next couple of years. After only the one visit there my obsession has grown beyond all boundaries! This is a wonderful idea — 30 days of websites! Only Day 2 and I’m loving it.

    You may want to check out — Jann has a wonderful blog detailing renovations to her home & her life in Sicily in general…. Although its much more than that, she is also a very talented photographer. So if you haven’t “been” to her blog, have a look!

    Thanks for all you do,

  • Thank you for bringing this blog to my attention, it is a dream of ours to one day live in Italy and I’ll be following their journey closely.

  • Well chosen – a great blog and I am looking forward to following all 30 – great idea.Thank you

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