Don’t Let a Little Rain Scare You Away

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By Kalina Davis


One of the most unpredictable parts of traveling is the weather. Sure, you can plan what general season you will be traveling during, but you can’t control the weather that varies from day to day. As someone who hates being cooped up inside, any time I see dark clouds rolling in, my mood instantly becomes as gloomy as the skies. It’s frustrating when the weather has the nerve to ruin your perfect day at the beach or your plans for an outdoor adventure. When this happens, it’s easy to assume that your options are reduced to sitting inside and watching TV all day. However, through my travels, I have learned that even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s still possible to have a good time. There are still plenty of options for an enjoyable experience.

One morning in Rome, my roommates and I decided to go exploring by the Spanish Steps. The sky was cloudy, threatening rain, but we decided to do what sightseeing we could. As we were walking, raindrops began to fall. My heart dropped with disappointment. Our day of exploring would have to come to an end. But none of my roommates seemed to think so. They continued walking, laughing, and taking pictures, not even phased by the light rain that was coming down. I was surprised by their attitude, but then realized they were right. Why should I let a little bit of precipitation ruin my day? I decided to throw my gloomy attitude behind me, and just enjoy the experience. It was a warm rain, and we began to jump in the puddles and leap through the rainy cobblestone streets. The rain falling down as we danced and laughed through the city gave the afternoon life.

When I went to Split, Croatia with my roommates, we had scheduled an island hopping tour to see more of the beautiful country. However, it was windy and rainy the day it was scheduled for, and the tour was cancelled. We were pretty bummed out with the change of plans, but we decided to make the most of our time in Split. Equipped with umbrellas, we spent the day shopping and exploring the town, having a number of spontaneous photo shoots along the way. When we got cold, and needed a break from the rain, we stopped at a cute restaurant for some hot chocolate and blueberry pie. Although it was disappointing that our plans fell through, we still ended up have a fun day.

I went on another trip with my roommates to Paris, and we had less than 48 hours to spend in that magnificent city. When we woke up to rain drizzling outside our window, our first reaction was disappointment. But we were determined to see the city, so we put on our coats and found our umbrellas, and started walking. We spent the entire day exploring, walking to the top attractions on our list. When we got cold and tired, we made a stop at the Louvre, where we sat and admired the famous paintings, making our own comedic interpretations of them. Although our feet were tired and soaking wet by the end of the day, the experience was so worth it. We had gotten to see almost everything we wanted to, and the rain made it a memorable day. I am so thankful we decided to explore the city instead of choosing to sit inside and feel sorry for ourselves.

When you travel, you can’t control the weather, and that can be frustrating at times. But don’t let a rainy day stop you from enjoying your experience. Find ways to have a good time, despite the weather. Spend the afternoon in a museum. Go on a bus tour. Spend a few hours in a café. Do some shopping. Instead of spending time being frustrated, get yourself an umbrella, a rain jacket, and a pair of boots, and make the most of it!

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Go Travel, and Travel Fearless.

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