Forest Fires Rage Across Italy

Bridger mountain range

Bridger Mountains completely hidden by smoke.

I write from my home in Montana, where the air outside smells like a giant campfire and I haven’t been able to wear my contacts for days.

Fire seems to be everywhere.

Our summer has been unseasonably hot and while this has been great for my garden, the heat has created a dangerously dry environment.  This is true for so many other areas, Italy included.  Record heat and drought found across the world.

At this very moment, 159 different forest fires are burning across Italy. Reports say that many were not started by natural causes.  Southern Italy has had the most trouble, including the Amalfi Coast.   At the moment fires are not effecting travelers along the coast, but I will post if that changes.

Over a 1000 tourists camping in Tuscany earlier this month were not so lucky and had to be evacuated as the fires got too close for comfort.

Courtesy of ANSA

Courtesy of ANSA

Read me details about the current situation here at ANSA.

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