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We’ve updated our information to give you everything you need to know to get fit for your Italy trip.

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Get walking ready for travel

You will be walking a lot during your travels, up and down hilly villages and over cobblestone roads. Walking is the primary mode of transportation, and you will see people of all ages out and about. With everything so central and easy, it really makes sense. Streets are uneven, hills are everywhere, and stairs are in abundance. Elevators are rare, and those that exist can be questionable and even scary.

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I tell everyone to start a walking program at least one or two months prior to leaving. Believe me, you don’t want to be the tourist passed by an 80-year-old woman carrying her bags home from the market with a cigarette in her hand.  Taking 30 minutes several times a week to walk at a brisk pace will help prepare your legs for your trip. Walking a hilly area is even better. Make sure that you are wearing the shoes you plan to travel in, as good shoes and foot care go hand in hand with getting in shape making your trip a success. If you can, try to build some leg muscle to ease the transition. This can be as easy as taking the stairs more often at work, or dropping into some squats while brushing your teeth. I walk daily after dinner and still feel the burn in my legs after arrival.

If you do one thing to prepare, this is the one. I have never met anyone who came back saying that they were in too good of shape for their trip.

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