Italy in the News: Vernazza clean-up gets attention, Blue Mozzarella, volcano eruptions and more

Headlines from the week of January 1-7

(Save Vernazza) – Vernazza gained needed international attention this week.  Read the article from New York Times here.  Don’t miss this interview with one of the founders of Save Vernazza, Michele Sherman, here.  Then a group of local and brilliant artists gave the village a much needed color boost.  Click here to see the fantastic transformations.

(ANSA) – Italy has a fresh blue-mozzarella alarm after Police seized an entire supply of cheese from a supermarket on Wednesday….Read More

(BBC) – Europe’s highest active volcano has rumbled back to life…. See Here

(ANSA) – A new law went into effect Monday allowing Italian stores to open and close whenever they please….Read More

(RTE) – Italy’s youth unemployment shot up to a record high of 30.1{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} in November and the jobless rate in the active population rose to 8.6{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} from 8.5{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} in October as the country slid towards recession….Read More 

2 Responses to “Italy in the News: Vernazza clean-up gets attention, Blue Mozzarella, volcano eruptions and more

  • Hello, I came a across your blog from a photographers blog, which I found in a twitter from a soccer blogger/reporter. Anyway, my wife and I are planning an Italy trip for May. We will spend ten days in Italy, and were planning for two days in the Cinque Terre based on the reccomendations in the Rick Steve’s guide book. I am wondering if we should cut that down to one day in light of recent events. What are your thoughts?

    FYYI – It seems that the email address listed in the contact section is invalid.

    • My email link has been fixed, thanks so much for bringing that to my attention!!
      I would not change your plans and continue to stay for 2 days. Monterosso plans to be open to tourists by spring and the communities have vowed to have the trails open by Easter. Even if some of the trails are closed when you arrive, there are many many to pick from. Vernazza’s condition is still unknown, but hopefully they can accept tourists (even if they are just passing through during the day). I will be keeping status updates and will add a section specifically for those traveling for you to check back on as the date approaches. Now the other three towns are undamaged and visiting them alone could easily fill an entire day.
      Hope that helps and feel free to contact me with any other questions!

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