My Love Affair with Rome | Campo de’Fiori

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Several weeks ago I began a journey to explain why I am so in love with the city of Rome.  I began with an article defending it against common criticism that can be found here.  Now I would like to begin my series that breaks down my infatuation piece by piece, hoping that in the end all that have followed along with at least give some grace to the city that holds my heart prisoner.

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The best way to start your morning in Rome is with a stroll through the Campo de’Fiori market.  I always make sure to spend my first day here when jet lag usually has me up earlier than normal.

The smells from the spice and cheese vendors have me drooling.  I am visually captivated by stall after stall of the season’s fresh produce.  Everything can be found here; from flowers to coffee pots and necklaces to salami.

The market is found everyday filling up the entire Campo de’Fiori square.  This is a fun way to gather up all the ingredients needed for a mid-day feast.


rome italy market

rome italy market flowers

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4 Responses to “My Love Affair with Rome | Campo de’Fiori

  • So many people come back from Rome talking about the Piazza Navona but they don’t realise how amazing Campo di Fiori is and its just 3 mins walk away! We stayed there a few years back in the summer and loved how the Tibre comes to life in the evenings with good food and good drink!!

  • Can’t wait for our visit in November. This is definitely on our list of “To Do” items. We’ll spend 2 nights in Rome, and I’ve started to put together the must do things for our trip. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Andy, Thought you might like my version of La Dolce Vita.

    La Dolce Vita!……Italy
    This is Italy; layers of history, the Mediterranean, magnificient art, the cuisine, wonderful music, and welcoming people. Packed and stacked with dialects, great cooks, hill towns , ruins, castles, mosiacs, villas, vino, olive trees, church bells……… expect to be dazzled.

    Roma………..No matter how many times I visit Italy, its magic never fades. I am spellbound for the umpteenth time as our plane descends through the clouds into Fiumicino and the early morning light reveals the city of Roma below. My eyes, grow large with wonder and anticipation as we approach for landing, and I see the sunlit buildings and ancient ruins….
    The intimate churches in neighborhood piazzas each bring their own something grande or piccolo. Paintings, columns, silver hearts, tombs, paper flowers, marbled woodwork, ancient pews, wall hangings, crypts, statues, and best of all, statues of St. Anthony in every shape and size you could imagine. Sometimes he is hidden out of direct view, it’s a challenge to find him! Is he hiding from me? Have I asked too much of him recently? Should I light a few more candles?

    At night we are exhausted, fall into our bed, and in the morning we are off again exploring every corner, church and piazza. Bruce (my husband) trying Gelato at every second venditore we pass. There are tourists in big clumps, at the major sites, but otherwise, we are able to turn down any enticing Via and it’s ours. I photograph flower pots on windowsills and balconies, the fountains, people in Piazza Navona, crowds of tourists, the Trevi Fountain with many coins being tossed (will they all return to the Eternal City?), next the Pantheon and then we walk on to Campo dei Fiori. I photograph the flower sellers and flowers. Then we are lost and wander for half an hour or more…..

    Siesta time…….early evening, shops shuttered, streets emptied of traffic, we find one of the few restaurants open early, should we have booked? All tables look to be occupied. But in the Italian way, a table is brought out and we are seated in the piazza, where we have a wonderful meal on a perfect Roman evening. La dolce vita!

    After dinner we walk the cobble streets (our passeggiata), a cat asleep in a window, a scent of oleander, hoping to find the 116 that will take us back to Via Veneto and Hotel Golden.
    I close my eyes, I think to myself, if I see any more, I will miss Rome too much.

    Sandra Macbryde – 2012
    I live, laugh and love (La Dolce Vita) whenever I’m in Italy.

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