My Love Affair with Rome | Sunset at Castel Sant’Angelo

castel sant angelo

Several weeks ago I began a journey to explain why I am so in love with the city of Rome.  I began with an article defending it against common criticism that can be found here.  Now I would like to begin my series that breaks down my infatuation piece by piece, hoping that in the end all that have followed along with at least give some grace to the city that holds my heart prisoner.

rome italy vatican sunsetOn a trip to Rome several years ago, I ended up spending more time than I expected touring Castel Sant’Angelo.  As the sun started to fade I made a split decision and found a little table at the overpriced cafe with a picture perfect view of the Vatican.

I normally avoid touristy restaurants like the plague, but this moment made everything worth it.  As I sipped my wine and watched the sun melt behind St Peter’s iconic dome, I wondered how many other people could say they have shared this experience.

Travelers Note:  Castel Sant’Angelo was originally built as a tomb for the emperor and has been used as a prison, castle and place of refuge for popes under attack throughout the centuries.  This is one of my favorite sites that is sadly missing from many travelers itineraries.  If for nothing else, the views of the city are worth the trip.  Closed Mondays.  Open 9.00-18.30 Tue-Sun

castel sant angelo

rome italy

rome italy

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  • It would seem that this city holds many hearts captive. My first experience was a day trip from Sorrento. I was captivated from the moment that I entered the city and left wide-eyed and wanting more by the time the day had ended. Needless to say, I am now a regular visitor.

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