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While a tour group might not technically be a special place, this is my blog and I will call it so if I want to!

When I first hatched the idea of creating my Italian travel planning business, I met the energetic and charismatic Sean while visiting Rome.  He had recently taken over Angel Tours Rome and with his small army of students completely won me over.  Since that time years ago, he has grown his business and expanded to other cities including Dublin and Florence.

When I first began traveling, I thought naively that I could get what I needed when at the Vatican or the Roman Forum with a simple guidebook.  Once I experienced those sites again through the eyes of Sean’s guides I was amazed at how much more real and alive they became.  It was as if I was seeing them for the first time.  I feel that with every visit.  I have taken the tours several times with my groups and on my personal visits.  Believe it or not, I never tire of them.  Sean finds young people who are so incredibly knowledgeable of history, art and culture you find yourself almost guilty in your ignorance.  But these guides are no snobs.  Every single one injects just the right amount of humor and storytelling.   They are the first to confess to being a bit ‘mad.’

I can’t help but feel a connection to Angel Tours and I am so proud of the growth that has happened since I first stumbled upon them.  For anyone traveling to Italy and planning to stay in Rome, check out Angel Tours Rome and make sure to tell them hello from Andi!!

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2 Responses to “My Special Places in Italy | Angel Tours Rome

  • There really is nothing like experiencing a new place in the company of someone who is mad for it. Even a trip to the zoo is more memorable with the right guide. When I finally get a chance to go to Rome, I’ll definitely be looking Angel Tours up!

  • I did the big bus tour many years ago and whilst I have no plans of ever doing another one, it was great to hear the history behind what we were experiencing from the Italian tour guides that took us through the Vatican Museum and other sites. We travelled independently last time and participated in a couple of small group tours as well as making use of audio tours and it makes the experience so much more worthwhile, I will look into Angel Tours the next time we travel 🙂

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