Not just Italy and travel anymore | My blogging obsession

My husband made me start this blog.

I didn’t want to.  Not one bit.  Why would I want to spend time writing on-line articles and information nobody would read?  Plus I can barely navigate Twitter and only recently became Facebook savvy.

Kicking and screaming I did it.  Actually, it was pretty easy thanks to WordPress.  I even got a few views in those early days (thanks mom).

Site stats: My love hate relationship

In October I was one of the first people to publish information about the flooding in the Cinque Terre.  I had 691 views that day, and I’m pretty sure only about half a dozen where my parents.  I was hooked.  I couldn’t stop writing.  I had this great platform I could use to educate, inform, entertain and ultimately help people.  Amazing. exhilarating.


I have yet to come close to that day.  I’m lucky to break 200 views.  Not that it’s from lack of trying or obsessing.  In fact, I am most likely checking my WordPress site stats as we speak.  You know the ones.  View Counts, Referrers, Top Posts & Pages.  I try to limit myself to just a few peeks a day, but the suspense!  It kills me!  Maybe just once an hour??  Will today be the day?  Will I break 200?  More importantly, how many people will like me?

My gold standard in popularity measurement.

Likes.  Comments.  Followers.  Even more crippling an obsession.  Every time I get one of these I celebrate my victory, pumping my fist in the air.  YES!  On the flip side, a day without any is horrendous.  Painful.  A day of dark introspection.  What went wrong?  I haven’t had this tumultuous a relationship since college.  I once went a full week without so much as one new follower.  I was devastated as this has become my gold standard.  The pinnacle of success and the ultimate ego-boost.  Nothing is more gratifying than knowing someone enjoyed my writing so much that they don’t want to miss a word ever again.

I’m asking you the reader to make sure that you use caution here and treat this blog gently.  What may seem to be nothing more than a click of the mouse, a simple comment or a decision to follow in reality is gasoline thrown onto my obsessive blogging fire.

Better wrap this up, I haven’t checked my stats is 37 minutes.

I am obsessed love feedback, so leave me comments!

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  • I’ve been blogging for a while and there are times when most people seem like leaving their laptops and go anywhere else because what is supposed to be a nice-article-to-read of mine turned out very few in readership. But there are also days when even the simplest blog entry is interesting enough for people to read and make that counter keeps counting. Just keep up the spirit!

  • Funny post, I find myself doing the exact same thing! It becomes more addictive the more I get involved with it too. I’m checking and rechecking throughout the day, all the while debating on if I should post something else and what people will read. ha

  • you wrote exactly what i’ve been feeling lately!
    Just started blogging a bit,
    knowing some folks out there enjoy my writings,
    and share their experience with me?
    it’s a bliss!

  • Congratulations for your blog!

  • I know the feeling. I started the blog with no idea where it was headed. I didn’t really know what a blog was. I don’t, and don’t want to use Facebook and twitter, I just don’t like them. When I first started getting hits and comments I was delighted. The blog took a long time to grow as I didn’t know about tags and other things that would help it along.
    Once it got a move on it became much more fun. I also love to get comments and always reply. I don’t understand how it works. I have quite a lot of subscribers, most of whom I never hear from and only about 20{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} of subscribers seem to actually click onto a post. It is all a mystery.
    I will be back in Italy soon and want to come to Cinque Terre to see how things are going there.

  • From one italophile to another…cheers!

  • I just found your blog today while searching for information on the Cinque Terre because my sis and I, along w/a bunch of our girlfriends, are going to this area in September. Thanks for the wonderful information – I’ve signed up to follow via email, too! Thanks for the info on the earthquakes that have happened there over the last couple of days; I had no idea about those until I read about it here. I’m sure I’ll be checking in w/you and your blog regularly!!

    Oh, and I have no idea how to check the stats on my blog and since I’m sure I’d become obsessed – that’s probably a good thing! Good luck w/your obsession! 😉


    • 🙂 thanks Shel! I will be adding a section just for travelers to the area so check back before you go to get the latest updates. I am so glad to here you will all be traveling there, they are really going to need the support.

  • Good for your husband to get you jump started. Good work…keep blogging.

  • I love this post. It’s so true. I’m also becoming a stats obssesive! I guess they are a bit like a self made performance target we set ourselves. But it is a great feeling when some total stranger on the other side of the world likes a post, or even better subscribes. It’s the human side of the internet.

  • I love it! I get the same way, I’m glad I’m not the only one 😀

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