How to Photograph Like a Travel Pro in 7 Days

Imagine if your pictures could look as amazing as all those travel photographers you follow on Instagram.

I have always loved to take pictures, especially when I travel. I started to notice that my photos all looked the same. Boring. Just like any other picture. Somehow I wasn’t able to convey the energy and emotion of those moments. My vacations were exciting but my photos were Snooze-ville.

I started to pay attention to the photographs and styles I was drawn to, trying to decipher what they were doing different. I asked questions and started to play with light and perspective. Sometimes I failed miserably, but I was constantly learning. Steadily I found my voice through my pictures. I did this without any formal training or classes using only my iPhone.

Do you want your pictures to tell your story better? Do you wish your photos were less Meh and more Ooh Yah!

Join me for a 7 Day Photo Challenge

This will be 7 days of guidance, advice and real examples all delivered directly to your inbox. The focus will be on seven photography themes and how you can improve in each area. We will be sharing our photos as we go in a fun, creative and stress-free environment.

Oh, and it’s FREE.

Sign-Up Here. Class starts May 15th.

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2 Responses to “How to Photograph Like a Travel Pro in 7 Days

  • This sounds great! Especially since I’m currently traveling and just using my phone for photography-I’d love a bit more challenge and inspiration for my photos. 🙂

  • I can’t wait for this course! I would love to start taking pictures I would be proud to share!

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