Rock Slide in Cinque Terre Injures 4 Australians | Via dell’Amore Closed

cinque terre italy

A week of good news followed by bad I am afraid.

This past Monday a group of Australian tourists were caught in a rock slide along the famous and most popular section of trails in the area called Via dell’Amore.  Two of the tourists remain hospitalized, one in serious condition after being swept over the protective barrier and trapped along the hard to access rocky coastline.

What caused this new tragedy?  The mayor of Riomaggiore made a statement earlier blaming the drought and dry weather to cause the boulders to detach from the cliff above the trail.  The incident is incredibly rare and even harder to predict.  The trails in the Cinque Terre are often closed due to land slides.  I always warn my clients to double-check closures before starting out.  With the mudslides from the flooding last winter, most trails have been closed longer than open.  But this is the first time fingers have been pointed to drought as the culprit.  I am sure many are wondering what will happen when the rains begin again this fall.

cinque terre italy

I will keep travelers updated on the conditions of the trails and the situation on Via dell’Amore.  For related articles, click here.

cinque terre italy

Courtesy of Da Paulin Cinque Terre

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13 Responses to “Rock Slide in Cinque Terre Injures 4 Australians | Via dell’Amore Closed

  • Thank you for the update, this made the news briefly in Australia but little else has been heard. I hope that this remains a rare occurrence, that region has had its fair share of disasters.

  • This is the last thing that the area needs. I hope those people are OK. I actually don’t recommend this walk to my friends. I have done it and I think it is hot, crowded and uncomfortable. It seems that people get it into their heads that they have “to walk the Cinque Terre” without really knowing anything about it.
    I think the best way to see the area is by boat. Looking in from the sea is spectacular.

    • If done in the morning or evening it is more enjoyable. I personally never miss it because we have a section we sign at every visit. I agree by boat is beautiful and a different persceptive, but I believe hiking will always be my favorite way to enjoy to area. I find you get the feel of a place when you connect with the environment like that. Of course, I do my best to avoid mid-day crowds and heat!!

  • Elizabeth
    9 years ago

    I follow your updates and enjoy reading them. Thank you for keeping Italy alive in my dreams!

  • Thanks for the updated news. I’ve heard nothing of this on the US news.

  • I am sad to hear about yet another landslide in C.T. My heart almost stopped as I read the title of your post. Thank you for giving us the update. Walking the Via dell’Amore is a fond memory from my 2 visits to C.T. In addition to the people being injured, this is also a blow to the lovely restaurant on the Via dell’Amore after a long journey to be open.

  • Thanks for the info!
    I’m wondering if the Via dell’Amore is still closed? I had my heart set on doing this walk with my girlfriend in mid May. Are there any suggestions for something else during the day in the same area that’s really romantic, not too crowded & has great views? A different walk, or a cruise from Riomaggiore or train ride or something? We arrive by train from Florence in the morning & have a room booked in Riomaggiore that night.

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