Rome Bans Eating Near Monuments

What’s next?  No drinking in Ireland?

Rome’s mayor, Gianni Alemanno has decided to toughen rules about behavior on, around and even near the national monuments.  Apparently after a stroll through his city, Alemanno was horrified to see tourists and locals alike disrespecting places of important.  He swiftly laid down the law, no eating near any treasure.

It’s enforcement is of course drawing criticism.  Confused tourist munching on gelato can no longer stop and linger at the Trevi Fountain (one of my favorite things to do).  Locals on lunch breaks are being shooed off the Spanish Steps.  Many Italians say there are better things for the police to be worrying about and feel that this is just another attempt of the current government to try to grasp control of the city that has been outside their control for some time.

I do think that there are cases, usually when alcohol is involved, that sites like the Spanish Steps are not respected and begin to look more like an international frat party.  I do believe these amazing places need to be preserved and cared for so that they will last for generations to come.  Is making a sweeping law like this the answer?  Part of the soul of Rome is the wandering with a slice of pizza or gelato in hand.  Enjoying everyday like in incredible historic settings.  I also know that laws are made to be broken when it comes to Italians.  I will be watching with great interest to see what will come with this decision.

Rome ban on eating near monuments

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