Sofia – A Journey with Leukemia

sofia journey with leukemiaMy long time readers know about my love of Vernazza, one of the small villages in the Cinque Terre along the Italian Riviera.  The same village that was ravaged by mudslides almost two years ago is now facing a very intimate battle.  The battle of little Sofia.

Sofia was recently diagnosed with leukemia and has already undergone a series of chemotherapy treatments.  Her father Andrew explained that she is a strong spirit and this is not her first fight.  Born two months premature, this family already understands how precious life is and how a moment can change everything.  I am a mother myself of two young children.  My son is the same age as Sophia and also born early, spending his first weeks in the NICU.  I can’t help but take it a little personally.  I can’t help but wonder if I could be as strong.  I can’t but see my child’s eyes in hers.  To be honest, I am weeks late in writing this post for lack of the right words.  I can’t begin to imagine and I’m sorry certainly doesn’t cut it.

999414_155193354675230_1271573226_nSofia is home now, right where she belongs but the road ahead of her and her family is filled with unknowns and difficulties.   She has a FACEBOOK page where kind and encouraging words are appreciated.  The family also has a site on You Caring where donations are most certainly cherished.  At the time of this writing, the family is half way to their fundraising goal.  Please CLICK HERE to help.  While living in a village as beautiful as Vernazza, there are significant drawbacks during times like these.  Her parents run a small store as their only source of income and have had to close the shop frequently to be with Sofia, causing obviously financial strain.

“We want to give Sofia whatever she needs to make her life as easy as possible in this time.  We hope you can find it in your hearts to help us and in turn help little Sofia.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

Thank you all.



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