Tegame alla Vernazzana

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The perfect bite.

If you are going to eat one dish in the Cinque Terre it needs to be Tegame alla Vernazzana. This needs to be consumed at Ristorante Pizzeria Vulnetia in Vernazza on the main harbor.  Trust me.  Don’t make me twist your arm.  Not only will you be savoring this regional specialty, but you’ll be doing so with a killer view.


Once in a lifetime travel

Photo Credit: La maggiorana persa

So what is this amazing dish?  Well people, it’s anchovies with potato and tomato.  Hold the phone, don’t freak out just yet.  These aren’t those salty little shriveled devils that show up in Caesar salads or on a random pizza.  Nope.  Far from it.  The anchovies found in dishes along the Cinque Terre are fresh and plump and I can never get enough. The fish are caught fresh daily and in the morning you can often see them for sale at the corner shop just off the piazza.

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photo credit Bella Vita in Liguria

Give these little guys a chance and you’ll have no regrets. Tegame alla Vernazzana is the perfect combination of the sea and land, the perfect bite in Vernazza.


once in a lifetime travel

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