The Grand Finale of My Favorite Italian Websites


When I first set out to make my list of thirty sites I thought I might struggle a bit to come up with that many.

54 blog and travel sites later I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew.

I decided I would have to somehow narrow my selections and I did so by adding only those that I have not previously mentioned before.  That was almost too much for me and it feels unbearable to just move on without a mention to these amazing people.  So without further ado, here are the very first websites to steal my Italy obsessed heart.  Do not miss a single one!!

I am working to put all the blogs on my official list.  CLICK HERE to see them all.

At Home in Tuscany  She makes you feel like you are right there in the midst of it all.

Bell’Avventura  Love this blog, a must for anyone traveling to the Amalfi Coast.

Golden Days in Italy  Not only does this woman have a fantastic book out that I have featured, but she manages a blog that does just what it says…presents to the reader delightful golden days found only in Italy.


Italofile  This blog makes my mouth drool.  It has everything here.  If you like what she has done, check out her other site at Miss Adventures.

Margie in Italy  I have been a devoted follower to this lovely lady.

Umbria Lovers  These two are an amazing source of true, non touristic information in Umbria.  Very entertaining as well.

What to Eat in Rome – Who doesn’t love a good food blog??

Dark Rome Blog – Several articles about places to see, things to do in Rome.

The Pines of Rome – Another American who has made her home in Rome.  She has a helpful section listing exhibits currently on display.

Feel like you belong on my list or have a favorite link to share? Let me know!!

I’m obsessed with feedback, let me know what you think.

Love it??  Pass it on!

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No Responses to “The Grand Finale of My Favorite Italian Websites

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each day of your favorite Italian websites and thank you for making me aware of some of the best reading on the web when it comes to all things Italian!!

    Thank you for the honor of being mentioned today in your final post on this topic. I truly appreciate it and again, BRAVA on such a fine job!

  • What a surprise! I have been loving this series–Grazie for turning me on to so many wonderful blogs and for including Golden Days in Italy. Best wishes to you ALL!

  • Wow, Thank you for mentioning me here! I certainly didn’t expect it. I have enjoyed following this series. It is great reading!

  • It has been such fun to read about others so in love with all things Italian. I’ve added FAR TOO many new blogs to my “follow” LOL! Look forward to dreaming along daily with all of their new posts. Thanks!!

  • …it’s all YOUR fault! I am just back from Italy and already planning my next trip instead of doing the chores. Joking aside, well done and rest assured that your “Italy obsessed heart” is by no means alone. Bravissima veramente!

  • I’ve had so much fun exploring many new websites thanks to your series. My emailbox will have lots of new posts frequently as a result of subscribing to some of them. Thanks so much for this series. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to having many sweet tastes of Italy between my physical visits there.

  • M. DeLorenzo
    8 years ago

    What a delight to find your blog, my family is from Lorenzago di Cadore.
    It is a small picturesque town due two hours North of Venice, we will be there for three weeks in September, can’t wait!

    • I would love to learn more about that area! Have safe travels.

      • M. DeLorenzo
        8 years ago

        Thank you, I do hope that you would travel to the Lorenzago di Cadore, Italy area. It is set in the Dolomites and the food is amazing. It is actually a town made famous by the Pope, John Paul, he loved the town and would hike around the mountain areas, when he was in good shape. There is now a home there, in which he would stay when visiting in the summer, which has been turned into a focal point for pilgrims coming to see many of his belongings, in a less crowded setting than Rome. I am also excited to visit Venice, Rome and Sorrento, which will also be on the agenda this September. I am so excited to have found your cite! M.

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