Top Ten: Italian Phrases to Memorize

UmbriaYou do not need to be fluent in Italian.  I tell everyone to memorize a few important phrases and use them frequently.  Just that small amount of effort will show the locals that you are trying and they will respond positively to you every time.

Italians are very formal and polite people.  Make sure you start every conversation with a ‘Hello’ and ‘Please.’  I next ask them in Italian if they speak English.

When all else fails….use your hand gestures!

Good Day (hello)   Buon giorno   bwohn JOR-noh

Please   Per favore   pehr fah-VOR-ray

Do you speak English?   Parla inglese?   PAR-lah een-GLAY-zay

Thank you   Grazie   GRAHT-seeay

I (don’t) understand   (Non) capisco   (nohn) kah-PEES-koh

Excuse me   Mi scusi   mee SKOO-zee

How much is it?    Quanto costa?    KWAHN-toh KOS-tah

I would like…    Vorrei…    vor-REH-ee

…..a reservation    una prenotazione   OO-nah pree-noh-ta-ZEE-oh-nay

Where is…?    Dov’e    DOH-veh

The bill    Il conto    eel KOHN-toh

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