Top Ten: Items that I always pack when traveling to Italy

These are the items that I never leave home without (in addition to the obvious things… pants).

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10.  Sun glasses.  Not only necessary, but also very cool.   Wear with #8 and #4 for dramatic effect.

9.  Flash light.  You never know when you might not be able to find a light switch (or be able to use it).  A must for middle of the night fumbling.

8.  Good lipstick.  Let’s face it, I can’t compete with the Italian women.  A dab of color does help make me feel like I am at least trying.

7.  Wine bottle opener.  Do I really need to explain??

6.  Photo album.  Nothing helps strike up a conversation like photographs.  I put together pictures of my kids and the area I live in.  Don’t have little ones?  Italians love their dogs so throw a shot of Fido in yours.

5.  Journal pocket-sized.  I am constantly writing notes and my thoughts down.  My favorite are the moleskine ones with an elastic closure.

4.  Scarf.   It is a simple way to dress up an outfit and takes very little space.  Also doubles as a modest cover for churches on hot summer days.

3.  Torn guide books.  It sounds awful, but I never bring an entire guide-book.  Instead I rip out only the parts I need and staple the regions together in the order I will be traveling.

2.  Money Belt.  Yes they get hot.  I know they feel sweaty.  But I never have to worry about my money and passport while wearing them.  If someone wants to rip you off they basically have to remove your pants, and my guess is you are going to notice that.

1.  Broken in and comfy shoes.   You will never regret anything more than having blisters on your first day.

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