Top Ten: Things actually heard or done while on tour in Italy

On tour in Vernazza

When I was taking small groups on tour in Italy, I learned to never be too surprised at what I overheard.  Some funny, some unbelievable but all entertaining.  I can laugh at this even more knowing I have an entire list dedicated to the embarassing things I’ve said and done over the years.  Enjoy!

10.  Two lovely ladies got a jump-start to my tour but taking a tour of their own in Rome.  They aren’t sure what they saw or why it was important as the whole thing was in Italian.

9.  Get R Done.  Repeatedly said during a walking tour of the Roman Forum in response to the architectural accomplishments.

8.  Wet T-shirt contest!!  Yelled out on the Rialto Bridge during a sudden rain storm.

7.  Great, more Chef Boyardee.  Referring to the homemade pasta being served.

6.  I was asked if the artists at the market used paint by numbers.

Travel Italy

5.  During a wonderful wine tasting, we were being educated on the types of grapes used in the area.  One of my members proceeded to explain how they made dandelion wine back home.

4.  While enjoying the sun on the tiny beach in the village of Vernazza, I was asked “Is this Florence?”

3.  Does the food and wine happen to get any better?  We were in Rome at the time.

2.  I’m not going on the Colosseum tour.  It’s just not my thing.

1.  I was worried about getting my passport in time but my jail probation period was finally over!

Roman Forum, part of the Colosseum tour

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9 Responses to “Top Ten: Things actually heard or done while on tour in Italy

  • I was wandering within the 400 year old walls of Lucca, when a tourist asked me where the old parts of the town were.
    I overheard a woman on the train from Lucca to Florence telling her friend that there is a train from London to Florence that takes just one hour.
    I could go on.

  • Hey, Imreconnize thenSicilian brothers that run the bar/restaurant at the top of Vernazza. Any news on how their shop fared in the October Storms and landslide?

  • Hey, I remember the Sicilian brothers that run the bar/restaurant at the top of Vernazza. Any news on how their shop fared in the October Storms and landslide?

  • Hi Andi,

    I’m new to your blog but enjoying it so much…. this article, well, just left me speechless…. Why does it seem that it’s often the ignorant have the time & money to travel, yet treat the experience and their foreign hosts like this?? I had a wonderful trip to Italy 2 yrs ago, hitching a ride along with my daughter’s high school choir — now imagine travelling Italy with 63 teens! — and while they weren’t always perfect angels they were always respectful of their surroundings as were all the adults.

    I also laughed at Debra’s comment regarding Lucca! It was one of our overnight stops, just absolutely beautiful……

    Looking forward to returning to Italy within the next few years God willing, minus 2 busloads of teens and much more leisurely pace! Although we saw so so much on our 10 day tour, there is so much more to see and experience.


    • I’m so glad to have you following my blog and so happy you are enjoying it! I wrote this as part humor, part reminder of the importance of being a good traveler (just like our moms’ taught us to be good house guests). I think it is fabulous that a group of teenagers was able to experience Italy AND be respectful. You are one brave woman 🙂 I was told I was crazy when I took my two year old, but I loved every minute. Let me know if you need any tips when your trip comes about. I am going to start doing free itinerary reviews to help people with questions.
      A presto! Andi

  • I went on a tour many years ago and I remember being amazed at a comment made by a member of the tour group as we travelled through the countryside on our way to Venice, she thought that the farmers could at least tidy up their property and give the buildings a coat of paint. As a single traveller the same lady was also horrified at the size and quality of the rooms in the hotels – we were on a budget tour!

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