Travel Insurance for Italy

I’ve updated my 2017 tips and advice on travel insurance for Italy.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an increasingly important aspect of international travel, and there are many different companies to choose from. I admit, in the past I didn’t use this religiously, but if you are in any way concerned about effects of circumstances out of your control, this is a must. A good travel insurance plan should cover health expenses (from basic medical visits to medical evacuation), delayed and cancelled flights, and lost or stolen property. I would suggest using a big-name company like Access America, Travelex or Travel Guard. They offer all in one packages regardless of what your personal insurance covers, which is great and means no back and forth bickering with your company over what is covered and what is owed.

World Nomads is a great company if you are planning on participating in adventure tourism or activities that are slightly more dangerous than the norm. is a good site for comparing the different options.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance

Determining how much coverage you need depends on your financial risk. How much of your travel to Italy is pre-paid and non-refundable? How valuable are your belongings? Are you and your travel companions in good health? Each traveler will have a different level of benefit from travelers insurance.  Keep in mind that unexpected medical emergencies can affect anyone, regardless of age and health. Speaking from experience, having a financial safety net is priceless in a scary and stressful situation.

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Saving Money on Insurance

There aren’t a lot of tricks to saving money on travel insurance.  Choosing a plan that best suits your needs and not adding coverage that is unnecessary will make the most of your money. If you pay for your travel insurance within 2 weeks of your first trip purchase (usually this is your airline tickets, otherwise a hotel or rental fee) most companies will give you a significant discount.

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Car Rental Insurance in Italy

Insurance for rental cars are covered within the rental contract through the company you are working with. Your insurance company will not cover any rentals in Italy.  When renting your car, you will have the option of a deductible (which is approximately 2000€) for damage or theft or a zero deductible (no charge, no stress). The zero-deductible rate is slightly higher but this a small price to pay for the assurance that you will have no hassle should something happen.


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