Travel to Italy Tip #8 | Use a consolidator for car rental

Mention renting a car in Italy and most people get shaky and their palms sweat.  Yes, I am always on edge the first day and I don’t ever recommend driving in major cities.   But driving in Italy is my favorite mode of transportation because it offers the ultimate amount of flexibility and allows you to get to those far away-lesser known places, which…..saves you money.  Here is how you should get started.

8. Use a consolidator for car rental

I love working with Autoeurope, they have a website that is simple to use but most importantly they are staffed on the phone.  Someone is available 24/7 with any questions you have and to help with any problems that arise, even when you are in Italy.  I recently visited their website and found all sorts of specials including free GPS rentals.  After I make my reservation, I always watch the price and if I find a rate lower than what I booked for I get them to refund me the difference.

Make sure not to wait until the last minute to book your car.  Ones with the best rates often sell out first and then you are stuck with whatever they have on hand.  You will be charged an extra fee to pick up or drop off at an airport, but I don’t worry about that as the price is usually the amount it would cost you to get to the airport from a city office.

More about car rentals with my next tip.

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  • Good advice! I might add to that ‘Get the full insurance’. It costs a lot, but it’s better than having several hundred Euros taken from your credit card a few weeks later, and it saves worrying about all the little dents and scrapes that your car will undoubtedly have when you pick it up!

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