Uber Controversies and Recent Bans

uber banned London

Uber has been a controversial name in the news as of late. As more and more legal and safety allegations arise, resulting in bad publicity, suspension, or banishment, Uber faces pressure from all sides. The company, a part of the sharing economy and riding on a fine line between a communication platform and a taxi service, has appeared to find every loophole around abiding by typical transportation service regulations and being subjected to taxes. Although convenient for Uber drivers and customers, this allusiveness creates various issues on the local level including ‘unfair competition’ for local taxi services, public safety and security concerns, and implications that come from unregulated services such as taxation problems. Many local authorities around the world have pushed back against these issues, taking their claims to court.

uber banned in London

Uber banned from London

Most recently, London announced that it would not renew the license for Uber to continue its services, indicating a quick end to the company’s place in the city. The transportation service has also been banned in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Denmark for its failure to meet the required legal standards for taxi services.

In addition, Italy has taken its stance against the company, as they have blocked its services and its right to advertise, which may eventually lead to a complete ban. France has also firmly protested against Uber’s services, specifically its service UberPOP that did not enforce drivers to have a professional driving license. Uber is suspended from other European countries including Finland, Spain, and the Netherlands. Its services have faced pushback or banishment from other places around the world such as Austin, Texas; Alaska; Vancouver; China; Taiwan; and Northern Territory in Australia.

Uber banned in London

Future for Uber

The company has been attempting to find a balance between cooperation and sticking to its principles, as it fights back against some regulations and voluntarily adheres to others. Time will tell how Uber handles these growing pressures and where it will take its place in modern transportation services.

What are your thoughts? Is the company being treated unfairly or should Uber play the game.

Uber banned in London

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