Vernazza gets a splash of color

Vernazza is making more headlines with the following interview from CBC Radio that can been seen here.

Courtesy of Save Vernazza

Local artists have also joined together their talents and are adding a much needed splash of color and life around the village.  Sometimes it is the little things that help lighten the heart and make going forward a bit easier.

We are all pulling together around the world for this small community and everyone deserves a tremendous THANK YOU!  So far to date Save Vernazza has raised 107,000 euros.  Of course this is just a drop in the bucket when estimates show 100 million needed to totally repair and rebuild, but every euro and every word of encouragement counts!

Courtesy of Rebuild Monterosso


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  • I hope enough money comes in to help these villages get back on their feet.

  • Thanks for including our photo of local artist Rosy Scapparone! We are all trying to reconstruct as soon as possible. The Cinque Terre will be more beautiful and more magical than ever in 2012!

    • You are welcome. I am going to be writing an article about the other towns effected by the flooding this month and I would love to include you in the article

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