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I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Sam at TwoBlackDoggies and then again by Nicole at Cultural Comments. What a compliment!!  Thank you so much ladies, it really means the world to me.

And speaking of the world, I found out how much a handful of people can make a difference.  October 25 severe flooding came to my special little haven in the Cinque Terre.  Many of you have read all about the tragedy and the clean up that is ensuing.  But you might  not have.  Unbelievably, the story never made headlines.  Not here in the US, not in Europe.  No where.  If it weren’t for Facebook I would have missed the news.  If it weren’t for a few dedicated bloggers, I would have no idea about the details of the struggle.  So a huge thank you to everyone that has read our stories and spread the news.  Help could never get to the Cinque Terre without all of you.

Now, the award comes with specific rules….and here they are:

Rule #1: Link back to the person(s) that gave you the award

Rule #2: Pass this award on to 15 other deserving blogs

Rule #3: Give seven facts about yourself

Here are my 15 picks, bloggers who have helped with spreading the news of the Cinque Terre flooding and bloggers I am simply obsessed with!

1. Cultural Comments (yes, I was already getting ready to list her when I received her nomination!)
2. Save Vernazza These are the hard-working ladies that are making it happen for Vernazza.  Please look at their site for daily updates, photos and news.  Then donate!  Every single penny counts, really!

3.  Little Paradiso  Kate has been keeping everyone updated on the progress and events in Monterosso.

4. Italian Notebook  I have been obsessed with this site for years.  They were kind enough to send my article about the disaster out to thousands of their followers.  Check them out and sign up to receive your daily dose of Italy via email.

5.  Bell’Avventura  This blog will make you want to pack your bags for the Amalfi Coast…. and never, ever leave.

6.  At Home in Tuscany  A blog from one of my favorite areas.  What I love most of all is that she makes you feel as if you were right there, literally at home in Tuscany.

7.  Umbria Lover’s  My home away from home is a little place in Umbria, so of course this blog caught my eye.  I continue to follow it because they find the absolute best hidden places and they are committed to showing the reader the real Umbria.

8.  Italofile  My blog idol.  I have to limit the amount of times I allow myself to go here each week, otherwise no one would eat at my house and there would never be any clean clothing!  Make sure to read her touching article about her son Dante.  She is a fantastic writer and has several books on travel.

9.  The Bearded Iris  In my opinion the funniest blog about motherhood around.  She helps make me feel more normal.

10. Motherhood Uncensored   Another blog for moms like me who don’t have perfect hair and warm cookies coming out of the oven.

11. Pink and Green Mama  I go here for crafting inspiration

12.  The Magic Bean  Loads of free downloads for sewing….when I have time!

13.  The Smart Cookie   Yummy recipes!  Makes me want to stay in the kitchen all day.

14.  Warm Hot Chocolate   Another cool craft site I found.

15.  A Life of Whimsy   This has a little of everything for me:  Italy, travel, cooking

Seven Things About Me:

1.  18 years after losing touch, I reconnected with my High School sweetheart over Facebook.  Within 10 months we were married and expecting our first baby.

2.  I now have three amazing kids:  Eryn (8), Montana (20 months) and Rowan (4 months).  I am obsessed with them.

3.  My goal is to try at least one book in my lifetime.  I am currently at work on my first, a collection of stories from the people and visitors of Vernazza along with the history of the area.  If you have a story you would like to share please email me!

4.  I have been a nurse for almost 15 years.  Right now I work in the intensive care but I have spent several years working in the ER, pediatric ICU and a super fun year as a trauma nurse in Phoenix.

5.  I can never find my wallet.  Or my keys.

6.  My goal is to someday live in a cabin where I can walk to fish.

7.  I have never eaten too much crab.

copyright 2011 Andi Brown Once in a Lifetime Travel

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  • Well HOT DAMN! I’m so honored. Thanks, Andi! Would you believe I’m married to a man who is 100{6a79f8b483379a07c99b49f3ac110091f25498c816895d3835c84435c153d1be} Italian and neither of us have ever been to Italy?! Looking forward to getting some pointers from you when we are ready to plan our dream trip to the Motherland someday. XO!

    • Haha! Well, as a Scotch-Irish girl, I will be happy to help! BTW the stinky boots article had me in tears. We had literally just gotten home from our road trip where I had to wrap my daughters feet in the dog blanket to try to contain the stench. It is heartwarming to know I am not alone.

  • Thank you for mentioning me 😀 I’m so glad you like my site! Sorry it “keeps you from losing the baby weight” lol.

  • Hi Andi,
    Thanks so much for the mention. I’m so glad that you like all the crafts links, I hope you get some time to do some sewing soon.

  • Hahaha I just saw this! Thanks for the mention. I loved to hear the tidbits abouts about you!

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