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I have decided to take International Women’s Day a step further and celebrate the amazing women who have come in and out of my life all month. These talented and driven ladies have all given me encouragement as I reach for my goals, and I want to honor them and hopefully through their stories touch other women and girls who are trying to follow their own dreams. I present today’s Women of Inspiration featuring Veronica Maresca.

I had the privilege of seeing Pompeii and Naples through the eyes of this incredible guide, but more importantly seeing deeper than just the sites. Her knowledge and passion ties past and present together. Veronica also showed me that Naples is nothing to be afraid of and I now have dreams of the street food there that leaves me drooling. I also get a secret thrill watching her boldly correct disrespectful tourists in multiple languages, so if you go to Pompeii DON’T TOUCH. We have shared our dreams and our passions, and now the wonder and challenge of motherhood.

In addition to being an incredible guide, Veronica and her husband run two properties on the Amalfi Coast, one in Sorrento and one in Meta. Last fall I was able to stay in one of her perfectly located apartments, just a minutes walk for the beach in Meta. Again, she believes as I do that there is more to travel than a check-list. If you want to experience the Amalfi Coast in a town that doesn’t feel overrun with tourists, this is the place. She also runs  See her Dreaming Project HERE.

travel italy inspiring women

And if you meet her, ask her how the book is coming.

Please describe who you are and what you do.

Hi I’m Veronica I work in the travel incoming business since I was 18, I toured Europe by guiding American and German groups till I become a licensed tour guide of the Region of Campania, the area where my parents where born.

When did you decide to pursue your dream? Was there a specific moment or event?

Personally there is no real MOMENT when you decide to pursue your dream, you do simply, this is my case, what you prefer doing, what inspires you, what lets you pay your house rent and still lets you smile on daily basis.

What has been the scariest or most difficult part of your journey, and what did you/are you doing to overcome?

As I ended up in the hospital for several months, and I woke by from pharmacological coma, my only thought was my upcoming business event for 200 people in Rome, and so I had to think in a different way I had to ask for help to assist me and so I understood that in the past years I have sown good because I harvest great. This moment changed my attitude to my business.

I slowed down to only guiding in my beautiful bay of Naples, and I went back to the roots my FIRST LOVE POMPEII.

travel italy inspiring women

What is the best part about what you are doing?

Today I only make private tailor made tours in the bay of Naples, I meet great people, usually in love with my area, that I have the honour to take by hand and show the hidden treasures of my area.

If you could tell all the young women out there questioning themselves one thing, what would it be?

The only questions that should be answered with YES every day is ; Am I happy? and if the answer is negative, taking the courage to change something.

I’m writing because you obviously inspire me, who has inspired you?

I was blessed to find on my path incredible people that inspired me, as I told when we first met, once I have to thank them with a novel, perhaps now I will have the time to do it. And in this moment who inspired me most is my little daughter, she is always happy. HAPPINESS IS THE INHERENT NATURE OF KIDS.

italy travel inspiring women

As always, Veronica looking amazing and I’m just sweaty.

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